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Eat Healthy at BackToSource – The Best Bakery in Chandigarh

If you are one of those who love to eat organic food dishes which are freshly baked, then you must visit BackToSource. This bakery is famous for providing customised cakes and various other delicacies. Even our beverages and cookies are enough to take your taste buds on a ride. Cakes, Indian food dishes, all types of cookies, brownies and so many options of bread are served in our Chandigarh-based organic food restaurant. So if you’re looking for the best bakery in Chandigarh or a good place to eat with family & friends then you must experience BackToSource’s fine dining.

We value our customers and their healthy lifestyle preferences hence, we present the food in its ideal form. Our cooking process helps in sustaining the food, its natural flavours and nutrients. Back2Source doesn’t use packaged and processed foods, yet serves delicious, rich-tasting food with plenty of healthy fats. It just doesn’t stop here for instance- not using ghee or butter, yet serving food that tastes scrumptious.

Eat Clean at our Organic Food Restaurant

In the current scenario, eating out is not restricted to special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. It has turned into a routine activity and even has become a daily ritual for some folks. This, together with the desire of the current generation to eat wholesome, unprocessed food, has led to the rapid growth of many organic food restaurants with cuisines that heavily emphasise health. In reality, organic food is also very beneficial for kids.

If you are looking for an organic food restaurant in Chandigarh where you can enjoy savoury food without compromising on health, then look no further than BackToSource. We serve only the most appetizing pizzas that are made from fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection in our own tandoor ovens. The best part is that you don't need to sacrifice your diet just because you're going out with friends or family members - we offer healthy options for everyone.

Do you want to eat healthy? Organic food is the way to go. The ideal method to receive all the nutrients your body requires is through organic food. When you eat organic, you know exactly what went into the making of your meal—and that it was clean, healthy and nutritious.

Here at BackToSource, we believe in serving organic because it's good for our bodies, our planet and our community. We believe in giving back to the earth by creating well-prepared baked goods full of organic ingredients.

Mindful Consumption

There’s no denying that organic food is beneficial to our health. The only downside is that it can be quite expensive and time-consuming to make. However, at BackToSource – the best bakery in Chandigarh, we have made it easier for you by offering an all-organic menu that includes delightful pastries and cakes.

Our bakery uses only the freshest ingredients from trusted suppliers to give you the most luscious and nutritious treats around. We also offer a range of gluten-free pastries that are sure to leave your taste buds craving for more. If you can’t decide which treat to get, why not try one of our signature combos?

Our focus has always been on providing healthy food options for all our customers. Our organic products are carefully prepared using low-fat ingredients with no artificial colours or added preservatives in order to keep them fresh and tasty throughout the day.

It's Time to Redefine How You Portray Food

We believe that food is the most powerful way to connect with the earth, and by eating organic, locally grown vegetables, fruits and grains, you're making a difference for yourself—and those surrounding you.

We keep our ingredients as fresh as possible by using in-season produce only, which means you'll be getting a taste of the region's best flavours every time you visit us. Since our meals are made from scratch every morning using only fresh ingredients, they're also great for your digestive system.

We believe that eating healthy should be fun, tempting and easy—and now it's easier than ever. You can enjoy our farm-fresh meals every time you plan to dine out.


BackToSource sincerely hopes that you'll experience the distinction we're discussing today and are certain you won't be let down. Building relationships with our clients is what we do best by going an extra mile. To be the best bakery in Chandigarh is not everyone’s cup of tea, glad! we are ahead in this game.

BackToSource believes in serving the best quality food which can be attributed to the fact that we purchase all of our ingredients daily and that too from local farmers & producers. Everything is prepared in-house to deliver you fresh & best meals.

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