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Organic & Healthy Food Restaurant In Chandigarh

Your health is as important to us as providing you with a large selection of delicious and nutritious food dishes, immunity-boosting beverages and bread & baked items. All of our resources come directly from farmers who engage in chemical-free, safe, and natural agricultural practices. The good old traditions of slow cooking and steam frying, practised at our healthy food restaurant in Chandigarh, guarantee a flavourful and healthful experience.

All Back-to-Source items, including meals, baked recipes, and beverages, are prepared following nature's pattern. We deliver appetising cuisines by amalgamating century-old techniques and organic ingredients to fill you up with just the best.

We only use cold-pressed oils, desi khaand, Bilona desi ghee, single-source cow milk products and clay/copper/brass handis, avoiding pressure cookers and aluminium utensils.

Chandigarh's Organic Food Dine-in

Along with a vast food menu for lunch, dinner, and all-day dining, Back-to-Source offers a variety of flavorful and appetizing coffee blends that are expertly brewed from premium certified organic beans, including Buma Devi, Kaveri, and Neri Malai, which are specially roasted by Spanish coffee expert Marc Tormo Altimir (Marc's Coffee) in Auroville, Tamil Nadu.

It has been demonstrated that regular, organic fermentation promotes proper digestion. At Back-to-Source we take utmost consideration of all the traditional and scientifically backed methods of food cooking. No less tempting are the baked items like Sourdough, Focaccia, Ciabatta, Muffins, Twists, and Biscuits, which are long-fermented to create a scrumptious taste. Rest be assured, your safety is our primary priority hence, we consistently practice hygiene, maintain the quality of the ingredients, and follow healthy cooking methods.

Restaurants Turning Toward Healthy Food Trends

The food and beverage market has experienced a significant change over the past ten years regarding the customer demand for healthy food. This generation prioritises health and lifestyle, in contrast to preceding generations who weren’t into health & lifestyle as such except for people from the sports field or athletes. However, things have changed significantly, now people use gadgets to track their daily activities & eating habits, and keep meticulous records of their meals.

Being interested in the trendy shift of consumer preferences towards healthy food diets made us adapt to the demand. Though it’s not a full-fledged transformation in the industry yet, there is still a noticeable change. Although, putting a spotlight on the fact that not all restaurants are organic-based, no matter how much they pretend to be through advertisements or marketing tactics. Hence, to be double sure that the food you’re being served is actually organic, you should carefully check the menu and the resources of their ingredients. Lastly, organic food also makes you feel energetic instead of just feeling full.

Industry Insight: Keeping Up With The Market

Indian F&B industry restaurateurs and chefs are attempting to change with the times by either offering novel, healthier cuisines or by innovating the current menu. Nowadays, one of a restaurant's primary objectives is to serve organic food, while also using less oil and spice overall.

The emerging trend has somewhat attracted organic businesses. More establishments are starting to provide vegan meals, organic food, and many healthy choices on their menus. The eateries are concentrating on improving the aesthetics of food presentation in addition to introducing new meals.

Eat Healthy & Safe

Eating out at eateries is one of the most challenging aspects of attempting to live a healthy lifestyle. Dining out can seem like a step back after working so hard at home/gym to adhere to healthy eating principles. In restaurants, it's unlikely that you will be able to avoid harmful components like butter, salt, and a lot of saturated fats. Hence, you end up coming to a decision "Well, then, I just won't eat out."

However, with Back-to-Source, dining out becomes enjoyable, social, and novel while not letting you compromise on a healthy diet.


At Back-to-Source, we have created a relaxed and comfortable restaurant space for people to dine & enjoy ‘good food.’ All dishes are prepared using only the freshest ingredients, with no added preservatives or artificial flavours. In addition, our dishes are gluten-free, making it possible for even those with food sensitivities to enjoy eating out without compromising their health.

The staff at our Chandigarh-based healthy food restaurant is efficient, making the delights a pleasurable experience. We guarantee that you will want to come back for more! Our mouth-watering, satisfying meals are sure to please your palate.

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