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We care about your well-being as much as we care about serving you a wide variety of tasty and healthy coffees, immunity-boosting drinks & juices, breads & bakes and food, in a warm ambience, and with a warm smile.

Fine dining concept cafe Back to Source in Sector 17, opposite Taj Hotel on the one side and TDI Jagat Mall on the other, has just raised the bar in the tri-city hospitality scene by delivering on its core promise of mindfully sourced and cooked food.

All our ingredients are directly sourced from farmers practicing a natural way of farming that is chemicals-free, safe and healthy. The good old-fashioned ways of slow cooking and steam frying ensure a flavourful and wholesome experience.....a tonic for the body, and the soul!

No pressure cookers, no aluminium utensils; only earthen, copper or brass handis, cold pressed oils, desi khaand, bilona desi ghee and single source cow milk products are used in our kitchen.

All Back to Source offerings, including meals, breads & bakes and beverages, are made the way Nature willed. Made with motherly care from fresh ingredients, the preparations, a result of learning from age-old practices still prevalent in some remote pockets of the country, are served with love.

At Back to Source, apart from an elaborate food menu for lunch/dinner and all day dining, we have a wide range of aromatic and flavourful coffee blends, expertly brewed from high quality certified organic beans - Buma Devi, Kaveri and Neri Malai – uniquely roasted by a speciality coffee master, Spaniard Marc Tormo Altimir (Marc’s Coffee) in Auroville, Tamil Nadu.

The bakes, including naturally long-fermented breads like sourdough, focaccia and ciabatta; muffins; twists and biscuits are no less inviting. Natural, long fermentation is known to promote digestive health.

At Back to Source, you can be sure that your safety comes first and foremost, hygiene is a way of life, purity of ingredients is uncompromised, and cooking mediums and cooking style are healthy.