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Science-Backed Reasons To Eat Organic Food

We all have heard this lately as it is back in the trend too that “eat organic”. Too often it’s also an implied way to say “better choice”. But do we know why eating organic food is a better lifestyle? Back To Source serves the best organic food in Chandigarh. Even though we have a completely organic menu but serving is not enough as a purpose is necessary for the action to follow. Here are a few reasons that will help us educate ourselves about organic food habits. Let’s go through them:

Organic Food Options Reduce Chemical Intake

As we all know farming includes the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It is also easy to comprehend that they pass through our food into our body which is not easily eliminated from our system. There are studies that reflect that individuals eating conventionally grown produce have more amount of pesticide exposure. It’s also significantly reported that people consuming organically produced food have lower levels of toxic elements in the body.

Did you know?

One out of three people is exposed to harmful and toxic pesticides due to the direct intake of food.

Organic Food is More Nutritious

A study done in 2017 published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry concluded that organic food tends to have more than 20% higher levels of antioxidants than non-organic food. It mentioned that there is critical microbial life that gets destroyed due to the use of harmful fertilizers and pesticides. If one uses organic produce all these toxic elements are eliminated from the diet. When these synthetic chemicals are not added to soil our food automatically becomes healthier and rich in minerals which offer more vitamins and nutrients on your plate.

Healthier Dairy & Poultry

Organic dairy is easily neglected but is so much more significant to take care of. It was mentioned in a study that organic meat, eggs, and other dairy products are so much more nutritious as they are raised and extracted without any hormonal injections or medicines. This in turn is very healthy for human consumption as it has no external or excess toxins in the diary that we consume.

Fact check: Animals raised organically are not given any antibiotics. The produce from organic farms and dairy are GMO- free certified too.

Organic food offers a higher level of nutrition and great quality and quantity of omega-3 fatty acids too. It is known that the greater quality of nutrition has a direct link to the quality of nutrition the livestock is being fed.

After knowing so many benefits of choosing an organic menu you must be sure about the right choice. Organic food is not just great for your mind and body but it also benefits the animals as well as the environment. It’s noteworthy even though not advertised enough that organic farming reduces pollution, conserves soil exploitation, and increases fertility. It also helps in conserving water. If you are planning to get started with organic food then you take start with small steps. Go out and explore restaurants so know the difference in the quality of food as well the taste. If you are in Chandigarh do visit the best organic restaurant Back To Source. It’s a café built to serve mindfully cultivated and cooked food. The menu at Back To Source is completely organic from the origin and serves the best you can expect. After going through so many benefits of organic food one must definitely try organic food once to witness the difference in the taste of the food you eat. Explore Back To Source, the best organic restaurant in Chandigarh today.