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‘Health Meets Taste’ At Back2Source: The Best Restaurant In Chandigarh

Chandigarh is one of the most organised cities in India and is known for its opulent homes, well-liked flea markets, luxurious automobiles, and huge malls. The Tricity has recently gained a lot of attention for its restaurants & cafes. Many tourists prefer to treat their taste buds with traditional food at some of the best restaurants in Chandigarh because it is one of the key locations on the routes to several hill stations and is also the most popular hideaway near Delhi NCR region. Therefore, on your next visit to this lovely city, be sure to witness the local specialities as well as the cuisines from around the world with a creative twist at ‘Back2Source’- The Chandigarh-based organic restaurant.

The most happening place in Chandigarh in terms of eating out & shopping is Sector 17, where our restaurant is located. It's not just a shopping complex, it has various restaurants that are known to serve the most delectable dishes at good prices as compared to other regions of Chandigarh. The best thing about Back2Source is that all the dishes they serve are organic.

Serving Healthy Cuisines In Our Organic Restaurant

True organic food comprises ingredients that are nurtured naturally, which means they are free from chemicals and do not undergo any artificial processing. The health of a person is greatly impacted by what goes inside hence, organic food is one of the wisest options to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Pure organic products are full of healthy elements like antioxidants that encourage heart health, and certain micronutrients such as vitamins, zinc & iron that maintain a healthy and fit body. Back2Source is specialised in using the most traditional ways of cooking which include more workmanship and less machinery along with the usage of organic ingredients.

The cruel wave of Covid-19 epidemic has taught us one important lesson- we should keep our health at utmost priority. If you want to be healthy in life, you should put your health first. Your body’s fitness not only depends on physical activities but also on the food you choose to consume. The advantages of organic food are unmatched, and they significantly enhance our physical and mental well-being. We’re delighted to serve you our 100% natural and organic meals, at our Best Organic Restaurant in Chandigarh. So let's get started right away!

Ingredients That Make A Difference

Organic Pulses

When you include the right amount of organic pulses in your diet, your body reciprocates more actively. The organic pulses have high fibre & protein content that makes digestion better and maintains regular bowel movements. They also succeed in maintaining cardiovascular fitness.

Organic Sweeteners

When you consume sugar in heavy amounts, it can negatively impact your health and cause serious physical issues. Organic sweeteners are a better alternative to regular or refined sugar and comparatively have fewer calories. They help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and prevent weight gain. Our chemical-free organic sweeteners give you a sweet flavour without making you concerned about developing problems in the future.

Natural Cooking Oils

When it involves cooking, oil is a necessary component. Some people love oily/greasy food, while others prefer their food to be prepared with less oil. Synthetic fertilizers are typically used to cultivate and harvest non-organic oils, which makes the soil futile. On the contrary, the organic oilseeds we use in our food are grown without the use of any chemicals and are completely safe to eat.

Natural Spices

Indian cuisine is exceptional for the wide range of flavours it offers. Spices are blended to add flavour and taste to the food. However, not all spices are good for health! Here come organic spices to the rescue, which are a healthier option for the long run.

There are numerous methods for cultivating and growing spices. One of the quickest methods to produce is to use synthetic components, which preserve taste and flavour but have a plethora of harmful health impacts. On the other hand, organically produced spices take more time to cultivate and are grown in limited areas. However, utilizing organic spices will let you quickly discover the difference in flavour and quality of the food. This is why Back2Source gives utmost consideration to using only organic spices, sourced directly from the producers.

Don’t Worry About Your Kid’s Health, We’ve Got You Covered!

As per the statistics, one in three families spends more time dining out with kids than adults. A restaurant like ours is a boon to parents who can spend quality time with their kids without having to worry about their & their kids’ health. The preparation of food dishes should always receive extra attention from restaurants. So, when you are going out looking for the best restaurants in Chandigarh, make sure that you look for one with healthy & organic food dishes.


Back2Source is the best restaurant in Chandigarh for all age groups. Here, you get to consume delicious organic food dishes that are free from chemicals and artificial processing. Our staff will treat you like family and make sure that your food is prepared with love and care.

We use only freshly-farmed ingredients and prepare our dishes using traditional cooking methods that have been passed down through generations. The health of your heart and body is greatly impacted by eating organic foods, so you should consider making Back2Source a part of your regular dining routine.

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